Friday, October 4, 2013

Good birds and some mysteries

First off, I've got some mysteries for some better birders than me to solve. On a walk I took a couple days ago, I may have seen a northern parula, a broad winged hawk, and on another walk I took, I think I saw an orange crowned warbler. I have pictures, so could somebody please identify them? In the meantime, I have been seeing a lot of good birds lately! There has been a LOT of kinglets. Yesterday, I probably saw about, say, five. Today I saw about thirty. Tomorrow there's probably gonna be around fifty! Also, a ton of yellow rumped warblers just popped up out of nowhere. And strangely enough, I saw three juvenile cardinals!
Northern parula? (Tuns out this is a young yellow rumped warbler.)

First shot of a song sparrow! (Due to comments(Thank you!), It tuns out that this is a lincoln's sparrow, which was actually the very bird I was looking for!)

First or second year bald eagle! There is an adult in the area too.

Broad winged hawk? I've been seeing them often.

Juvenile cardinal.

Black and white warbler!

Orange crowned warbler? (YES!)


  1. Hey! This is such a fantastic post! I love all of your photos and especially your interest in birds. I wanted to let you know that the Northern Parula is actually a Young Yellow-rumped Warbler (those guys are very tricky sometimes!). The Song Sparrow is actually a LINCOLN'S SPARROW (!!!), which I have only seen a few of in my entire life- what a find! I'm not quite sure about your hawk, but it is definitely either a Broad-winged (as you suggested), a Red-tailed, or a Northern Harrier. And of course, you scored a 101% on your Orange-crowned Warbler! fantastic shot of the Bald Eagle too ;D Happy Birding!

  2. The Lincoln's Sparrow and the Orange-cowned Warbler was a lifer for me! Thanks for correcting that!