Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mallard eggs

I have some SUPER exiting news to share! I found a nest with FIVE Mallard eggs in it! I was looking at a supposed Great Crested Flycatcher, which I have never seen before, so of course I wanted to look at it, when a female Mallard EXPLODED out from the grass in front of me! She scared me so bad, but I didn't want to step where she was sitting, because I new that ducks DO NOT sit in tall, hidden grass for no reason, so I looked in, and my thoughts were right!
Closeup of Mallard eggs!

I can't wait for ducklings!

This HAS to be her mate.

Male Red-Winged Blackbird. I found his mate, but no pictures.

Great Crested Flycatcher? They have a rufous under-tail.

A pair of geese I also found.

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