Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My friend's house has baby robins! I guess I missed out on the eggs and stuff. We have a pair of robins too, but they just keep building nests and then leaving them, so I thought it wasn't time yet. There is also a pair of starlings, and every time I get too close (I don't even know how I can be too close, considering the fact that their nest is a hundred feet in the air), they scold me really harshly! And yesterday my dad found a baby mouse (it had fur, so the mother didn't just abandon it), and he thought we would like to see it, so he brought it home it a jar. With air holes, just so you know. It was so cute! It was at least two inches long including the tail! But we let him go that same day, so the cuteness wasn't for long.
Four baby Robins!

Look at that mouth!

Baby mouse!

He's so CUTE!

Starling's nest is sort of by that hole to the right.

See the stuff hanging from that hole?

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