Friday, March 7, 2014


So, a couple days ago, at Saylorville lake, I got my first Trumpeter Swans! We saw them because of mom's friend who told us there were a dozen or so at the lake. So we went to look around, and when we did see them, there were quite a few flying with some Canada Geese! After they flew around for a while, they went to go sleep in the snow on the lake. That couldn't have been too comfortable. After we watched them sleep for a bit, mom decided to go look by a little river nearby. I couldn't see anything at first, just a lot of geese. There was a steep bank that led down to the river, and it turns out that a pair were hiding right next to the bank, just enough that we couldn't see them. But I got out of the car, and they started to swim away so I got some nice close pictures.
Flying swans.

Adults with some grayish younger ones.

The pair swimming away.

The white ones are swans.

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