Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Saylorville Birds

I went to Saylorville Lake a couple of times last week, and I saw lots of birds. Day One: There were a lot of Canada Geese, a pair of Mallards in a tiny pond, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers at the visitor center, a pair of Northern Cardinals, an American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadees, White-breasted Nuthatches, and I saw a Bald Eagle while we were driving there.
Actually two Mallards.

Hairy Woodpecker.

Day Two: This time I went with my dad, and I got a life bird, Common Goldeneye! Dad also
spotted what might be a Rough-legged Hawk. We saw twice as much Canada Geese as last time, a couple of chickadees, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, lots of Downy Woodpeckers, a Tufted Titmouse, four Mallards, some Bald Eagles, plenty of Red-tailed Hawks, and we heard some Blue Jays. It was a very nice trip.

Canada Goose landing.

Life bird Common Goldeneye.

Better picture of the Common Goldeneye.

One of my best photos, White-breasted Nuthatch.

Another one of my best photos of the day, Downy Woodpecker.

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