Tuesday, June 11, 2013

House finch babies

I have been watching this nest with four House Finch eggs in it, and I've been waiting to see them hatch for weeks! Now finally, there is one newly hatched house finch, and another one is starting to come out out of it's egg. It was sticking it's mouth up before I took the pictures, but I wish it still could have been doing that, it was so cute!
Here's momma!

There used to be five, but the fifth one didn't survive, because I found it out of the nest.

Here's before.........

Here's after! Look at all that fuzz!

The egg in the upper left is the one that's starting to hatch.

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  1. How lucky to see those eggs and hatchlings. We have had quite a few finches in the yard in the Midwest this year, but no nests that I could see.